Sweet have been the days of my life long and lagged not
I in bragging boast of fortune that has favored me.
That hound called Luck found me often.
Many things am I thankful for
And for these I shall raise my praise.
Loyal kinsmen and steadfast friends,
Fleet ships, a sword's sure grip and mead.

A good father and family
Fed me manners with a strong hand.
They taught me ships and sword and axe
And sagas of the bold hero's road.
Wealth I've had and I learned at length that
It lasts when given to friends.
More lasting than mountains
I found friends that did not
Fade when trading's poor.

In fear from my face there have fled few women,
And from that mead vat
Many a horn have I dipped deep.
Drank from a woman's breast is wine best.
Oft' have I sailed the swift swan road
To swim in the light of Mjolnir's bite
For the sake of seeing new skies
That soar above the roaring waves.

Would good fortune fill the future
As full and great as fate once did.
But should it not, my fill I have had
And held more luck than three score men.
But when comes the time Skuld severs my songs,
Let me end life in strife,
With a final horn, and a sharp sword;
A seat to win in Odin's hall.