At chamber window stood the king
The long and sleepless night was done
Soon Saint Michael's bells would ring
And cold of night may warm with dawn.
Eyes were red 'neath heavy brow
Burdened now with golden crown.
Once a young man, eyes aglow,
Now a king whose youth had flown.
Friends he had both old and young
Buried now beneath the clay
Pledged to fight till battles won,
Silent now till Judgement Day.
Yeoman bent behind the plow,
Peasant, beggar at the bowl;
He, their king, their servant now,
His crown a chain unto their hold.
A horse stands in the stable row,
Strong and young as he had been.
Slip the tether, watch him go
Seek the freedom of the wind.
Send your spirit after him,
Run and frolic on the sward,
Smell the land upon the wind,
Freedom won by blood and sword.
A velvet touch, a silken sound,
His queen is standing at his side.
Lips that make the blood still pound
Like a stallion in his youthful pride.
The darkness fades as the old eyes laugh.
Saint Michael's bells ring loud and long.
Old wounds he will always have
And a lady fair to keep him young.