Thunder split the span of heaven,
Loudly Mjolnir crossed the cloud vault,
Banners of Bjornsborg marching,
Stalked the Bear into the westland,
There to strive with Outland spearmen;
Cleave the western ash tree forest.
Dread the weapons of the warriors,
Grimly did the Bear's teeth glisten.

Loud the drums of war were beating
Outland hammers beat the war song.
Through the night the warriors waited
In the dark their spears they sharpened
Ravens, rain soaked perched in tree tops,
In the branches lurked the feasters;
Patient waiting for the slaughter,
Hungry for the flesh of heroes.

Gray the sky upon the morning
Dark the day was stiff at dawning.
Spears did rumble on their bucklers
Shield wall formed of clashing weapons
Champions strode before their war band
Mighty heroes in the forefront
Calling challenge cross the meadow
Where Bjornsborg stood like oaktrees.

Randall, chieftan of the warriors
Thane of valiant swordmen leading
Followed Mari's pointed spear arm
Straight the way she pointed clearly
Where the battle boils the loudest
Where the glory lasts forever
There shall wave Bjornborg's banner
Rooted in the blood of foemen.

Patrick called his trusted leigemen
Bade them meet the champions boldly
Helms were hewn by Randall's wound blade
Shields were sundered by his hacking.
Thorgard set his axe to biting
Nesting redly in the heart meat.
Swift were slain the Outland champions
Quick their passing from the sagas.

War horns bellowed from the shield walls
Blowing gales of howling warriors
Deep the sea of Outland spearmen
Rolled their wave upon the breakers
Splitting from the roaring torrent
A tempest to engulf our forces
Cunning currents swirled and eddied
Toward the harbor of the Bear's Teeth.

Golden reefs upon the shoreline
Tempered stone to check the storm flood
Braved the Bear the coiling blood tide
Standing granite on the shoreline
Broke the rushing sea to red foam
Tore the mighty suge asunder.
Grim the jaws that shook their shield wall
Red the fangs that drank their marrow.

Through the heart the Outlands wounded
Coursing blood that tainted rivers
Took their stand on dripping timbers
On the red bridge held their heroes.
Twice their spear points never wavered
Steady stood the ash gray tree blades
Then our hungry axes feasted
Cleaving down the Outland forest.