The fjord cracks through the ice and frost.
The mist burns off the lowland lea.
Planks are caulked with rope and peat,
And dragon wings beat toward the sea.

Guthrum rides the Bloody Mare.
The Dolphin swims at Rolf's command.
Thorkel flies the Raven's Wing.
The Dark Wolf prowls beneath my hand.

The coast is furrowed by our keels.
Thirsty spears drink deep and red.
Bows are bent with feathered death,
And axes growl until they're fed.

We take the road of foam and wake.
With sail we chain the rolling storm.
From out the north the sea we break,
To shake the world with battle horn.

Like hammer fire across the sky,
Like thunder borne upon the wind.
With hearts of iron and blades of steel,
We ride to hell and back again.