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On a planet where magic and technology are inextricably intertwined, Tol, a gruff inner city Goblin cop, finds himself in the unlikely role of saviour when the world's access to The Slice,
a reservoir of magical energy, is threatened by a fiendish criminal plot. And Life is only getting more complicated for Tol as the Chosen One, when his younger brother becomes king by defeating
all comers in a network hacking contest, only to then staff his cabinet with the legendary and nefarious hacker, Boogla. And not helping Tol in the least, are the intrepid reporter Selpla and
her crew as they battle their way to the uber story of the century, through magical super-storms, vicious wildlife and a robot that grafts random animal parts onto wandering pets. In Goblinopolis,
Robert G. Ferrell has crafted an entirely new comedic world of magic, mayhem and technocracy that devoted readers of Terry Pratchett's Discworld will love and new fantasy readers will devour and be left wanting more.

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