Archive of Gulf Wars XVII Merchants

Space#  Business Name
73Ageless Fashions
41All the Trimmings
108Amber Lady & Hagerson Forge
61Ambience/Merchant Office
2Ardath Renaissance Clothing
42Arms of Valor/Darksword Armory
39Ash & Griffin Pottery
105Aubelsbeth's Little Merchant Shop
8Baubles and Trinkets
113Bethia's Needle
24Black Swan Enterprises
55Blue Dragon Glass/Weavers Maille
17Bokalo's Armoury
33Briar Patch
77Brother Karl's
9By My Hand Designs
67Calontir Trim
14Camelot Treasures
66Carmenetta's Cottage & East West Emporium
103Carolina Calicoes
60Castle Garden Creations
44Chivalry Bookshelf/Revival Enterprises
81Constanza's Creations
71Crafty Celts
23Crimson Chain Leatherworks
87Dancing Pig Pottery
35Darkridge Jewels
12Darkwood Armory
27Drachenstein Treasures
11Dragonrose Emporium
68Dragon's Lair
52Dragonscale Jewelry
36Dragonskin Leatherworks
45Egg Armor
98Egill's Woodstuffs
16Elk Ridge Archery
31Ellen of the Scholars
10Fair Young Maiden Fineries
53Father Dunn's Jewelry
86Fire Horse Pottery
78Flying Cloud
112Giggling Wenches Handcrafts
75Green Mountain Leathercraft
109Green Rice Bowl
54Greenware Dragon Ceramics
84Greybarr Traditional Archery
76Hales Haven Grotto
80Hanish's Dreck
79Highland Arms
15Historic Trade
82Hope Chest Upholstery
102House Morningstar
21House of Avalon
100Ian Grove House
47Icefalcon Armory
62Intriguing Designs
7Joysain's Temporary Body Art
40Kat's Krafts
6Khadija's Caravans
57Knot Naked
48Known World Treasures
111La Wren's Nest
70Lady Barbara
93Laughing Otter Trading Post
13Leather and More
94MacFergus Miscellania
51Maggie the Potter
46Medieval Market
115Medieval Moccasins
61Merchant Office/Ambience
83Merlion's Tail
69Misc Etc
101Morrisson's Gode Bakery
96Munitions Grade Arms
106Nekhbet's Treasures
64Neverland Designs
59New World Arbalest
4Niko's Novelties
50Nonna's Mugs and Jugs
58North Star Armoury
38Oak & Linen
99Odyssey Coffee
34Paladin Toys
88Past Tyme Perfumery
91Philospher's Stone
110Phils Grille
63Pillaged Village
32Pine Box Traders
43Real Leather People
26Renaissance Arts & Design
89Revival Clothing
44Revival Enterprises/Chivalry Bookshelf
95Sarasvati's Call
72Shrewwood/House of Steel
85Silk Road Caravans
114Smoke and Fire
74Sultry Treasures
97Tancred's Tanglewood
25T'ger Toggs/Talon armoury
92That Special Touch
49The Lacemaker
29Needle & The Forge, The
1Thunder Mama
107Tomas the Lapidary's Jewelry
104Touch the Earth
20Tribal Accents
5Ursula's Alcove
3Valkyrie Forge
65VIP Leather
113Well Krafted
28Windrose Armoury
30Zen Warrior Armory